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19 October 2005

Busy evening..

Tonight kept me fairly busy. My new hydrometer came in the post so I decided to rack my pumpkin over. My OG was 1.051. It finished up at 1.011. Not too bad. I drank the sample and it had a taste I couldn't put my finger on. What was disappointing was the wonderful aroma that was present after boil is now gone. I am going to let it sit for three weeks and then keg it and carb and see how it goes. We'll see. I just hope it's drinkable.


Mashed Pumpkin has a very unique / distinct flavor, and it tastes nothing like pumpkin pie... so it might be that. The other possibility is that one of the pie spices came through more than you were expecting, such as the ginger...

Don't sweat the beer man. It'll be good. Compare it against a Dogfish Head Punkin' Ale and I guarentee you'll find the flavor profiles very similar.

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