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10 October 2005

Finally, something in my carboy.

Today I brewed a Pumpkin Pie Ale. Not sure what to name it yet, but I am sure I will have something clever. The end result smelled fantastic. Lets hope that it tastes just as good. This was my second all grain effort and again I am disappointed with a few things. Again, I missed my mash temp by 9 degrees. Was aiming for 154 and only got 145. Would have been fine but I forgot to have a pot of boiling water to fix it. So it went for 10 minutes and a half gallon later only up to 150... I left it there. Not sure what effect that would have had on my efficiency. Speaking of which it was horrible as well. I missed my SG target by 10 points. This resulted in the stellar efficiency of 54%. I need to figure out a way to get that higher. I think I need to watch someone do a batch sparge to compare methods. And to top things off I dropped my hrydrometer into an empty brewpot. Check out the pictures here. But with all that, I made beer, so all is well..


What was your recipe for the pumpkin ale?
Here you go.

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