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28 November 2005


Well the JPA was in the primary for 17 days and today was the first chance I have had to move it over. But when I went to get my auto siphon I remembered it broke when I was cleaning it after the last transfer... oops. I had to ghetto transfer it in the end, but it is in the secondary to age. The sample was the best tasting all-grain sample I have had to date.. So things are looking up!
Now I need to decide what I want for Christmas. Either a new IPOD and RAM for my laptop or some brew equipment (thinking of a new brewpot and a chiller). Tough decisions.


The southern DE homebrew club, formally known as SANDALS, is having a homebrew meeting at Fordham Brewery in your neck of the woods this coming Thursday. Its from 6:30pm onwards - I thought you might want to know. A bunch of us First State Brewers are coming down to check it out and bring our samples... If you want more detail, write me @


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