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04 November 2005

Various Musings...

So Wednesday I brewed an oatmeal stout\porter. Finally I got a good eff. It was 74%, so I was very pleased. Currently it is fermenting like mad. Very cool to watch.
I have also had an epiphany about my pumpkin beer. The off flavour is normal. I tasted a couple pumpkin ales and simply realized I don't care for pumpkin ale. Guess I should have researched before I brewed. It is still in the secondary for another week or so. Then I will carb it and have a taste.
Up next.. An hop heavy IPA.. Perhaps next friday if all goes well.


LOL! Sorry you don't care for pumpkin beer, but I am glad that it isn't really an "off" flavor. Lots of people out there dig pumpkin ales (myself and wife included), so worst case you just end up giving alot out during the fall season.

Mmmmmm... oatmeal stouts. Love 'em. IPAs are good too. I want some!

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