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06 June 2005

Couldn't wait..

Only 2 days in the keg but I had to try the porter. Oh my. It is delicous. I think I may not stop at the one pint I poured tonight...

03 June 2005


Well everything did not really work as planned the kegs I ordered were supposed to be here a week ago so I could keg the Porter and secondary the cream. Unfortunately they did not arrive until today. As a result, the Cream Ale was primaried for 14 days. Not sure if there will be any adverse effects on it. I did take a sample of the porter when I kegged it for a reading. It was quite tasty. I think 5 weeks in the secondary was a good move. I am debating whether to put any fruit in the cream ale. I am not sure it will turn out so I don't want to waste the fruit.
We'll see how it goes.