Online journal of my homebrewing fun.

28 November 2005


Well the JPA was in the primary for 17 days and today was the first chance I have had to move it over. But when I went to get my auto siphon I remembered it broke when I was cleaning it after the last transfer... oops. I had to ghetto transfer it in the end, but it is in the secondary to age. The sample was the best tasting all-grain sample I have had to date.. So things are looking up!
Now I need to decide what I want for Christmas. Either a new IPOD and RAM for my laptop or some brew equipment (thinking of a new brewpot and a chiller). Tough decisions.

20 November 2005

Busy, busy....

What a couple weeks. Between math tutoring and my math class it has been quite a couple weeks. Now that I am in California, I have some time to sit and post finally. My oatmeal stout is now in the secondary and next to it is CJ's JPA in the primary. Normally I would have left it in there for about 7-10 days, but since I am in CA it will be there for 15-17. I would have transferred it out, but my auto siphon decided to explode when I was cleaning it.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving and hope it is filled with fine food, fine beers and fine people.

04 November 2005

Various Musings...

So Wednesday I brewed an oatmeal stout\porter. Finally I got a good eff. It was 74%, so I was very pleased. Currently it is fermenting like mad. Very cool to watch.
I have also had an epiphany about my pumpkin beer. The off flavour is normal. I tasted a couple pumpkin ales and simply realized I don't care for pumpkin ale. Guess I should have researched before I brewed. It is still in the secondary for another week or so. Then I will carb it and have a taste.
Up next.. An hop heavy IPA.. Perhaps next friday if all goes well.