Online journal of my homebrewing fun.

29 December 2005

Finally pegged it.

Well my hop heavy IPA is now tapped and drinkable. The first pint was very powerful, but I enjoyed it. Two weeks later it just keeps getting better and better. Finally I have managed to brew an all grain batch that is good. Here is to many more in the future.

14 December 2005

So it has come to this...

It's a week since the Fordham visit. What a nice time. Very nice to meet fellow homebrewer and touring a brewery is always interesting. I wish I had some beers ready for sampling, I am sure next time I will.
I did try many beers and I have to say that some of the tastiest brews were made by Garrett Sever. His Native Rage IPA was hands down the best beer I had all evening. Also managed to sample probably 5 of his other brews as well as what Fordham had to offer.
Rumour has it there will be a Dover club starting up soon. It will certainly be nice to have a group here so we don't have to drive so far.