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10 January 2006

It is good to dream.....

Well I have not had the opportunity to brew recently. But that has more to do with my desire to upgrade some of my equipment and such. I have settled on making a HERMS system and have a decent idea of what I want to do, but now I need to come up with the cash flow to make it happen. Here is a cheap diagram of what I'd like to make happen.

Hmm.. didn't turn out as big as I thought it would be.. I will have to play with it a bit more. Click on the picture and it will make it a bit larger. I did manage to leave out that all this will be fed thru a pump. I was also thinking of setting this up similar to B3's 1550 system.. I think my immediate wishlist right now consists of a new brew kettle, more corny kegs and a refractometer. Once I manage to get a hold of these I will brew 3 or 4 batches back to back to increase my reserves.

Well my Penalty Porter keg kicked while I was listening to the archived podcasts of the Brewing Network show. I have to say, that show kicks some ass... Great information and good entertainment all at the same time. Its funny because they do quite a bit of drinking during the show along with the listeners. The more they drink the more interesting it gets. If you get the chance I highly recommend having a listen. They have archived all their past shows which you can get from their website or iTunes. They have a live show every Sunday at 8 eastern.

I have been contemplating what to brew next. I think I may be doing a Scottish Ale of some sort and perhaps a Milk Chocolate Stout. We'll see what happens.


B3's 1550 *IS* my dream system (fully outfitted, of course). I did the math, and even though the base system is $2100, it's about $4500 once you get all the good bells & whistles. So... for now I'll be sticking with my ghetto cooler setup and saving my $$$ towards a 1550. Yeah... I could build one, but I'd rather just buy it "off the shelf".

I'll shoot you an e-mail next time I'm brewing on a weekend to see if you wanna come up and watch. I don't have your address yet, so send something to garrettsever @
Hey man - I am coming down to Dover this weekend, and bringing a keg of my Amarillo Pale Ale... its my buddy's b-day. You wanna meet up?
Scottish is always a hit at my house.
Good brewing to you,
Bad Ben

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