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25 February 2006


Well everything is finished except for the cleanup. We'll see how it goes. THe efficency for this batch was terrible. I was shooting for 1.052 and got 1.033. That works out to about 48%. So I have some tweaking to do.


Ouch! That's lousy... sorry man. What was the batch size & amount of grain you used? Seems very unusual to get such a low efficiency when you haven't had issues before.

Oh yeah - I just ordered 15 lbs of buckwheat honey from Fruitwood Orchards in NJ. $10 shipping for orders up to $40, so 3 5lb jars @ $13/ea is perfect. Their website was down for a little while, but it was up this morning. If you're gonna brew the Black Honey Ale, that's the brand I use in mine.
Thanks for the tip.
The black honey is my next one up.
Good to see the site is back up. I went last week and it was down.
I've actually got a 20 lb batch of the black honey planned a few beers out - like maybe in 1 1/2 months - That's why the huge order for Buckwheat honey. I'm also getting some for the following batch, even though that may be close to Xmas before I brew it.

Alot of people walk out of my house with Black Honey 6 packs or growlers...

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