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30 March 2006

$100 gift card spent.

I finally spent my gift card Shelley got me to finish off my kegerator and other projects I had to do. The only thing that has to be finished up is staining the corner moulding.
We also made the shadow box to store all my pint and scotch glasses as well as store a couple bottles. I have to say, I love the look of it. The collar and foot were done about 7 months ago. The sides and the lid were finished today. Shelley still says it is a little redneck to have a beer tap in the living room... But hey..
Many props to my friend Larry. He certainly helped me take this idea and make it real. That man has some nice tools.


Lookin' good, Mister Mike!

Redneck??!? Man... Guess I'm redneck too since my kegerator is in our living room too... I just figured it was prudent planning. Tell Shelley I tried to get Donna to let me put it in the formal dining room, and she totally nixed that idea.

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