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03 March 2006

Well not much has gone on this week. As I post this my Pale Ale is still bubbling away. And that got me wondering. I did use a refractometer and not my hydro to test my samples. Perhaps it was user error. I dunno, we'll see what it like when I transfer it over to the keg Sunday. I am also planning on going to How Do You Brew on Saturday. Garrett is doing an All-Grain demo there. I figure it is a good chance to meet the new owner and pick up some ingredients. I am pondering brewing another Pale on Sunday and putting that wort right on the yeast cake I have going now.
Also, I am going to probably get the grains for my first ten gallon batch. It will be Garrett's "Sirius Black Honey Ale." That was damn delicious stuff. And I think Shell will actually like it as well.
Well time to get to Calculus.


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