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22 April 2006

Been a while..

So it has been a while since my last post. The HD on the laptop ate it big time. It started making a couple errors so I figured I would back it up. Well it completly failed while backing up. Big time bummer, lost all my data. So I have been starting from scratch.

This week was spring break for school and I failed to get a brew done. That is not to say I did not try. I had the water ready and was about to dough in, but I couldn't get the pump to work the way I needed it to. I had to abort to work out some of the kinks. I am really not sure what it is. It seemed to work fine on my trial run. I will probably try again on Tuesday.

Last night was the First State meeting. Shelley and I had such a good day together and we totally forgot about it. Well, until 10 pm that is. Oh well, we'll have to make the next one.


You were missed. We'll have to catch up sometime soon. Donna talked about having you guys up sometime...

Next meeting is at my place. We'd love to have you. Should be fun...

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