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27 April 2006

Brewday.. Finally.

Well I finally got all the kinks out of my new ghetto rig. Someday I will actually build a stand for it. But, in the mean time it works. Today I made an Ordinary Bitter. I wonder what my efficiency was like this go around, but I forgot to recalibrate my refractometer to my software. I was going to do a hydro, but forgot before I got it in the fermenter. The picture to the left is the cooling stage. It was nice. Rolling boil to 75 in about 35 minutes. I used a 16 lb bag of ice and it was gone in about 10 minutes. If I had two bags, I bet I could cut that time even more. I think the pump was really a good purchase. I would say it cut close to 40 minutes off my total time. Even more once I get my routine down pat. Next up is Garrett's Honey Porter (finally). And then a wit I think. I am still working on a recipe. Any of you local readers know where I can score some whole chammomile?
Also, today I had the boil kettle a little too close to my storage chest. You can see a little area where it metled a bit. Good thing I noticed it. I will post more later. I have some pictures of my new stirplate and also the ghetto fermentation cooler.


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