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06 May 2006

Mmm.. Honey

So this morning I added the honey to the fermenter. Last night I heat treated it. Boy did I have an interesting time trying to keep it at 176F. Should be quite delicious. I will keep it in the primary for 12 more days or so and then rack it off to a secondary to cold crash the yeast. Should be drinking this by Memorial day. I guess I need to polish off a keg of what I have on tap now to make room.

Next up.. Wit. (I think) or another Pale Ale. I think that keg is getting light.


Saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Hope Mrs. Bentwood likes it...

I've got 20 gallons of it sitting in secondary carboys at the moment. Should be exciting trying to keg 10 gallons and bottle 10 gallons... bet I'll have to do it in stages.

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