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25 February 2006


Well everything is finished except for the cleanup. We'll see how it goes. THe efficency for this batch was terrible. I was shooting for 1.052 and got 1.033. That works out to about 48%. So I have some tweaking to do.


So today I am brewing a pale ale. On a whim, I decided to completely convert to metric measurements. We'll see how it goes. At the moment I am about 63 minutes into my boil. Looks like I should be done and cleaned up by 6-ish. I will post the results of the brew later.

18 February 2006

Twin Lakes Brewing..

So, it has been a while since my last post. And since then, a lot has happened.
First off, today I tagged along with the First State Brewers to tour the Twin Lakes Brewing Company in Greenville DE. Basically, it is a small craft brewery which is in the process of opening. If location and enthusiasm is all it takes to make a brewery work these guys have it. It is a 25 barrel brewery on a very beautiful property. The owner Sam lives about 100 feet from the operation. While the website isn't complete you can CLICK HERE to take a look.
I have been on my fair share of tours, but I have to say that this one certainly left an impression on me. It was very interesting to see one with not one drop of beer in the place. The grains, hops and water were all in place. When the permits come in a couple days the fun will begin. I have to hand it to the brewmaster. He has spent two years getting everything in order. It finally looks like their dream will come to fruition. I can't wait to sample what they have to offer.

While I was there I was able to sample many fine homebrews. This time it was much more difficult to pick a favourite. Garrett as always had a very fine selection of homebrews. And since I suck with names, I will just say that there was a Pale Ale made by a couple from Rehobeth that was very tasty. There was also an Alt, Amber and another one that is slipping my mind at the moment. All of them were very good.
Afterwards, I went to Garrett's house and met his family and toured his little brewery. His wife is very nice and his kids are adorable. And I am sure Shell would like their cats. ICK! :) Anyway, there I had a couple pints of his Sirius Black Honey Ale. It was so good I had to take the recipe home with me, along with some perle hop pellets he had lying around just waiting to be used! G and I have been brewing about the same amount of time, but he has done many, many more batches than me. I will certainly be happy when my beers get to the level that his are at. But I am sure that it will come in time.

Since I last posted I have made a Scottish Ale, that is in the secondary and have a Pale Ale on tap. I also have completely remade my mash tun. Pictures are a the bottom of the post. I have a PVC manifold at the bottom where I drilled about 1000 little holes with a 1/64th bit. The top is made from the same PVC but with 12 larger holes to rain down wort and sparge water on my mash. Once I get a pump it will get the effect I am after.
Also, I was able to acquire a 14 gallon brew kettle. This more than anything will elevate me to 10 gallon batches. I just need to get another Carboy or three and some kegs first.
We'll see how it goes. This is a lot for this post, so I will leave it here...
Here is the picture of my mash tun. The second picture is the top manifold to drip the wort and sparge water and the last picture is my pick up.

06 February 2006

Stupid Internet Explorer...

I can't get this to look right in Internet Explorer. Firefox shows it right.. Oh well...
If you are in IE there is a graphic of a kettle that is supposed to be above the "Online Journal..."
Instead of being where it should, it is at the bottom of the page.

05 February 2006

New look...

Tonight I was playing around with the look... Hope you like it.
Also, brewed a batch yesterday. Scottish Ale. There were some issues that came up during the brew. I will post more later about it.
Like the look? Don't like it? Let me know what you think.