Online journal of my homebrewing fun.

30 March 2006

$100 gift card spent.

I finally spent my gift card Shelley got me to finish off my kegerator and other projects I had to do. The only thing that has to be finished up is staining the corner moulding.
We also made the shadow box to store all my pint and scotch glasses as well as store a couple bottles. I have to say, I love the look of it. The collar and foot were done about 7 months ago. The sides and the lid were finished today. Shelley still says it is a little redneck to have a beer tap in the living room... But hey..
Many props to my friend Larry. He certainly helped me take this idea and make it real. That man has some nice tools.

14 March 2006

Family affair.

Well my dad has cracked his first beer from the starter kit I bought him for Christmas. He made a Steam Clone and he is really happy with it. My brother has aked him to step up production. Today he is brewing a Irish Red and we will be brewing an Ordinary Bitter at the same time so we can compare. Should be lots of fun.

Play money all dried up.

Well it looks like my brewing stuff may be on hold a little while. The source of a lot of my brewing income is from refereeing. Last Saturday I messed up a muscle in my foot and have a possible stress fracture. It's not a big deal, I should be back in 4-6 weeks and then my brewing can start again.

03 March 2006

Well not much has gone on this week. As I post this my Pale Ale is still bubbling away. And that got me wondering. I did use a refractometer and not my hydro to test my samples. Perhaps it was user error. I dunno, we'll see what it like when I transfer it over to the keg Sunday. I am also planning on going to How Do You Brew on Saturday. Garrett is doing an All-Grain demo there. I figure it is a good chance to meet the new owner and pick up some ingredients. I am pondering brewing another Pale on Sunday and putting that wort right on the yeast cake I have going now.
Also, I am going to probably get the grains for my first ten gallon batch. It will be Garrett's "Sirius Black Honey Ale." That was damn delicious stuff. And I think Shell will actually like it as well.
Well time to get to Calculus.