Online journal of my homebrewing fun.

29 May 2006

Morning Brew

What a beautiful morning. Got up at about 630 to start my brew that I postponed from yesterday. I am about 40 minutes into my mash and things appear to be running smoothly. Right now I am having a cup of coffee, but plan to sample a little of the honey porter I made. I think that I may have added the honey a touch too soon and fermented it out. I attempted to backsweeten a bit with some clover honey. I am not sure I like the taste that the clover gave. I will have a much better impression today when I sample it. I am sure it has changed quite a bit now that it is properly carbed. Fun, fun!

06 May 2006

Mmm.. Honey

So this morning I added the honey to the fermenter. Last night I heat treated it. Boy did I have an interesting time trying to keep it at 176F. Should be quite delicious. I will keep it in the primary for 12 more days or so and then rack it off to a secondary to cold crash the yeast. Should be drinking this by Memorial day. I guess I need to polish off a keg of what I have on tap now to make room.

Next up.. Wit. (I think) or another Pale Ale. I think that keg is getting light.

04 May 2006

Brew, study, rinse, repeat.

So I am brewing today and studying for my last couple of exams. Today is a honey porter that is currently in minute 12 of a 90 minute boil. Everything went ok, except I forgot about the leak I discovered on my mash tun last time. This time around I lost about 2 cups of wort. Bummer....
Back to the books and the beer...
Pictures may follow later.