Online journal of my homebrewing fun.

17 June 2006


So I finally managed to get my CO2 swaped out. Mmm.. Beer. And this morning while watching the Iran game I started to hear some hissing. It seems that C02 is coming from the little hole below the adjustment screw...

10 June 2006

Amarillo Recipe

So I am still thinking of a name for this beer, but here is the recipe for it.
4.54 kg Pale Malt
.20 kg Crystal 40L
.20 kg Crystal 20L
.20 kg Munich
.20 kg Victory

30 g Amarillo (60 min)
15 g Amarillo (30 min)
15 g Amarillo (5 min)
30 g Amarillo (1 min)
30 g Amarillo (Dry)


Fermented for 9 days.

I drank the hydro sample when I transfered and it was very tasty.

09 June 2006

The World Cup..

Well not much news for brewing... Yesterday I put my Amarillo Ale to secondary. (Damn tasty) and have a wit on deck. That should be brewed next week.
And now for something different. The World Cup begins in about 10 minutes. 30 days of heartache or bliss dependent upon who you support. For me it is England. Hopefully we can have a great run and lift the cup in the end. COME ON ENGLAND!